Our Programs

The core of our program is based on the language of the visual arts. At ArtzyKids, the kids will learn the elements of art – line, shape, color, space, form, value, mass and texture as the building blocks artists use to create works of art. We will also teach them how the elements of art are organized using the principles of design – balance, scale, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, variety, harmony and unity. Our program is designed to gradually increase the students’ understanding of the language of visual arts throughout the grade levels while having fun doing art.
To provide a framework for a meaningful learning, the ArtzyKids program centers on the following goals:

Develop Artistic Perception

ArtzyKids will help develop the kids’ abilities to organize, process, analyze ideas from the environment and also develop their ability to express ideas in original works of art.
Develop Creative Expression

In creating art, ArtzyKids guide students in experimenting with art materials and techniques to create artwork that is based on personal experience and imagination. We also use a variety of media in multiple activities.
Understand the Historical and Cultural Context of Art

ArtzyKids will explore the arts of various cultures and historical periods to increase the kids’ knowledge of art history. We will also touch the different subject matters, contents and styles the artists use in these cultures as we cruise through the historical periods of art.

Develop Skills of Evaluation

ArtzyKids will encourage the kids to observe, describe, analyze, interpret diverse artworks which are related to the subject matter that they are studying. Students will describe and analyze their own work and the work of others using appropriate visual arts vocabulary.