3rd Grade – 5th Grade 

At this stage, we begin to focus more on instruction of the techniques used in the various art media. Students are exposed to more art vocabulary and are expected to incorporate the vocabulary into their work and language. Students are given specific directions and are provided with expected outcomes for projects.

More emphasis is spent on taking their time on a given project and trying their best. For example, even if students are drawing a still-life and instruction has been provided on focusing on line and shape vs. the object, students are expected to try to see the objects they are drawing in that way and apply it to the structure of their drawing. An emphasis is put on using the whole paper (positive and negative space), rather than creating drawings on the corner or just in the middle of the page.

Students are also encouraged to put more effort into the planning process prior to producing a piece of artwork. Additionally, students are asked to draw objects, ideas, and scenery from memory. The development of fine and gross motor skills continues to be emphasized.

The students will also learn to comprehend the difference between foreground, middleground and background. Emphasis will be made on the recognition of forms as being a 3D representation of an object with height, width and depth, the illusion of depth, and use of positive and negative spaces. The students will be using a sketchbook and will be encouraged to keep on drawing wherever they go by keeping a pocket sketchbook.