6th – 8th Grade  

At this level, ArtzyKids students will have a stronger understanding of the elements of art – line, shape, color, space, form, value, mass and texture and the principles of design – balance, scale, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, variety, harmony and unity.

More efforts will also be made to explore the arts of various cultures and historical periods to increase the kids’ knowledge of art history. We will also touch the different subject matters, contents and styles the artists use in these cultures as we cruise through the historical periods of art. Students at this level will describe and analyze their own work and the work of others using appropriate visual arts vocabulary.

Students will learn to solve artistic problems in their own work using the elements and principles of design with thought and reflection. Students will develop proficiency of color mixing with paints and watercolor and applying color properties, and apply a variety of painting techniques. The students will demonstrate safe and proper use, care and storage of media, materials and equipment.

Following their self-discovery and style preferences, fun projects at this level will include: a work utilizing architectural or environmental structures, a free standing sculpture, a collage and/or mosaic utilizing a variety of paper, images, textures and/or material, a wearable item from a variety of materials, an artwork based on the work of a known artist, cartooning, portraits and other art projects that reflect the student’s style as an artist.