K – 2nd Grade

At ArtzyKids, we help make the students at this level to become more aware of their physical environment. We extend and develop the use of the senses, and utilize inventive thinking. ArtzyKids support individual interpretation of ideas, thoughts, and feelings and provide opportunities to work in a variety of media. We encourage students to explore and express their responses to artwork.

We encourage the kids to participate in class discussion using art vocabulary. We also introduce the primary colors at this level and teach kids how to create different values of a single color, how to mix primary colors to create secondary colors and how to use color to create shapes, patterns and images.

We also expose the kids to texture as one of the elements of art and use pattern, repetition of line, shape and/or color to create visual texture. We use a wide range of media and materials in creating art including paint, pencils, oil/chalk pastels, clay and collage. We emphasize opportunities for kids to maximize fine and gross motor development. Our projects are mostly free form, and the goal is for each student to enjoy the art experience and the end product is secondary. At this level, it is important to encourage self-expression and the enjoyment that can be had in making art.